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When Should Someone Seek Medical Care for Bed Bug Bites?

The vast majority of the time, bed bug bites can be managed at home. However, if someone begins to experience any of the following symptoms, consult a health-care professional or go to the nearest emergency department: Shortness of breath Wheezing Chest pain Tightness in the throat or difficulty swallowing Lip

Bed Bugged! The Social Stigma Has To Go!!

Bed Bugged! The Social Stigma Has To Go!! People often feel disgust even revulsion, when their stuff is diagnosed with a case of the bb’s. Here’s a few realities to keep in mind: Bed bugs are disgusting.  The people who get them generally are NOT.  A clean house DOES NOT

Top 10 Bed bug Infestation Spots

You’ve heard all about bedbugs in hotels, but did you know they’re also hiding (and waiting to hitch a ride home with you) in these common public places? Bedbugs are smaller than a grain of rice, but visible to the naked eye. So be on the lookout, and check out