Why Are Bed Bugs Back??

History of Bed Bugs:

At one time bed bugs were nearly wiped out in the civilized world. This was due to stronger chemical treatments that were commonly used. These days concerns over the effect of those chemicals have caused them to fall into disuse.

bed bug imageNewer chemical treatments have not proven to be as effective as those used in the past. Before the 1950’s, there was heavy use of a chemical known as DDT. DDT was a very effective material, however, it had a negative impact on the environment and its use was discontinued in the US.

Pest control methods have also changed. In the past pest management professionals were very liberal with insecticide applications. Current technicians are more cautious with their applications and most treatments consist low amounts of safer and more environmentally friendly products. Additionally, increasing regulations on pesticide use have put strict limitations on the amount and places where insecticides can be applied.

Some bed bugs have developed a resistance to modern chemical treatments. Furthermore, very few newer chemicals are expected to enter the market in the future due to the high standards of safety set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to protect human health and the environment.

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