Bed Bugs are Costly for Hotels

By Tom Underhill Dr. Michael Potter, entomologist at the University of Kentucky and long-time researcher on bed bugs, teamed with the Department of Agricultural Economics in a study to understand consumer preferences when choosing a hotel and the economic costs of bed bugs in the hospitality industry. Almost 2,100 respondents

heat treatment truck and trailer in front of building

Why choose a heat treatment?

There are several treatment methods commonly used by the pest control industry to kill and get rid of bed bugs. Each treatment has varying success against these blood-sucking insects… and many do-it-yourself treatments are not very effective at all! When choosing a treatment method, we consider things like the level

Florida State Policy on Bed Bugs

In Florida, landlords are responsible for and must pay for the extermination of bed bugs. … ” the landlord of a dwelling unit other than a single-family home or duplex shall, at all times of the tenancy, make reasonable provisions for: Extermination of rats, mice, ants and wood destroying organisms and bed bugs. The 2018 Florida Statutes Title VICIVIL

Bed bug


What is Chagas Disease? The Brazilian doctor Carlos Chagas discovered Chagas disease in the early 1900s. The disease is spread through the droppings of kissing bugs (also called assassin bugs). Kissing bugs like to suck blood near people’s eyes and mouth at night and will defecate near the bite. People

Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed Bug Facts: Bed bugs are the most common pests found in cities all across America. They are found in hospitals, 5 star hotels and public and suburban housing, no matter what the state of sanitation, they do not discriminate as long as there are humans residing, they will make


CDC Warns About Pesticides

If you or anyone you know has a bed bug infestation, please read the below articles regarding the dangers of using and misusing pesticides and insecticides.   The less expensive treatment could come with major side effects and health problems, on top of the added cost for health care. Heat treatments


Bed Bugs: What NOT to do

DO NOT: panic. You can control bed bugs with careful inspection and by using proper control methods. try to kill bed bugs by using agricultural or garden pesticides. Using outdoor pesticides to control bed bugs can make you or your family very sick. use products that appear to be “homemade”

bed bug vs. flea

Bed Bugs vs. Fleas?

What’s the difference between bed bugs and fleas? Knowing whether you’re facing off with bed bugs or fleas can make a lot of difference in who you call and how you proceed. Here’s how to tell. Shutterstock (2) If you’re not really sure if you’re dealing with bed bugs or

Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are nocturnal and usually come out to feed at night when you’re sleeping and therefore make it very difficult to spot them. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide you exhale while you’re sleeping which triggers an alert that it is a safe feeding time. Typically, once you

bed bug bites

Characteristics of Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs will bite anywhere on the body where there is skin. Typically, bites tend to occur on areas exposed during sleeping, such as: neck face hands shoulders arms legs Almost all bed bug bites will produce some degree of discomfort, typically itchiness and inflammation immediately after the bite to