Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed Bug Facts:

  • Bed bugs are the most common pests found in cities all across America. They are found in hospitals, 5 star hotels and public and suburban housing, no matter what the state of sanitation, they do not discriminate as long as there are humans residing, they will make it their new home.
  • The first thing everyone should know is that bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs. They ride into your home or business on people or pets that visit or spend the night.  In rare cases, they may travel from outside and come in through your exterior walls. 
  • Bed bugs are more than capable of going from one apartment to the next by way of wall voids. This makes bed bugs a frustrating pest to deal with when they get into an apartment, college dormitory, retirement home or similar structure.
  • Bed bugs are not only active at night. While adult bed bugs are prone to nocturnal behavior, immature nymphs come out at any time.
  • While Immature nymphs can come out in the day, they will usually do it in dark places. This is why infestations have started popping up in movie theaters. It is a good idea to use your cell phone light to look for signs of bed bugs before you relax and take in the next blockbuster movie.
  • Bed bugs are an equal opportunity infestor. That means you don’t have to be dirty to get bed bugs. These bugs have been found infesting the cleanest of environments. So, be sure to keep an eye out for bed bugs no matter where you go.
  • When we say, “Be sure to keep an eye out for bed bugs no matter where you go,” we mean it. Bed bug infestations are appearing in a wide range of places. They have been found in retail stores, daycares, police lockups, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, libraries and many more places.
  • Bed bugs don’t just infest buildings. They have been found in taxis, buses, trains, airplanes, and even boats. Knowing what a bed bug looks like is key to preventing an infestation from coming home with you. Train your children to recognize bed bugs and bed bug signs as well.

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