Florida State Policy on Bed Bugs

In Florida, landlords are responsible for and must pay for the extermination of bed bugs. … ” the landlord of a dwelling unit other than a single-family home or duplex shall, at all times of the tenancy, make reasonable provisions for: Extermination of rats, mice, ants and wood destroying organisms and bed bugs. The 2018 Florida Statutes Title VICIVIL

Bed bug


What is Chagas Disease? The Brazilian doctor Carlos Chagas discovered Chagas disease in the early 1900s. The disease is spread through the droppings of kissing bugs (also called assassin bugs). Kissing bugs like to suck blood near people’s eyes and mouth at night and will defecate near the bite. People

Bed Bug Awareness Week

Bed Bug Facts: Bed bugs are the most common pests found in cities all across America. They are found in hospitals, 5 star hotels and public and suburban housing, no matter what the state of sanitation, they do not discriminate as long as there are humans residing, they will make