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"I was in complete PANIC mode! I had a newborn baby and 2 yr. old at home and could not get rid of these horrible bed bugs for anything! We had 2 pest control companies come out. The FIRST time they treated with sprays and the problem became worse! The SECOND time we hired a company that used heat and we still had bugs!!! They refused to answer our phone calls when we told them we still had bugs!! Thankfully, after doing a lot of research, we found FL Bed Bug Experts and they were the most knowledgeable and professional company by far! After one heat treatment, our bed bugs were completely gone!!! What a relief to finally have my home back! Don't waste your money on other less experienced bed bug exterminators. I would have saved a ton of money if I would've gone with FL Bed Bug Experts in the first place!”
Chris, Residential Customer

“We have referred multiple customers to Florida Bed Bug Experts. I have had nothing but positive feedback on their professionalism and performance. I will continue to send anyone with bed bug needs their way. Highly recommended!”
Crissy, Pest Control Company


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Pesticides are NOT Effective

Pesticides are NOT Effective

- Chemicals DO NOT kill bed bug eggs
- Will NOT reach infestation areas such as walls etc.
- Bed bugs are becoming more resistant to chemical treatments

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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

- Most effective treatment solution method
- Kills bed bugs fast (Bed bug free in 6-8 hours!)
- Safe & chemical free
- Health & other benefits of heat

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Professional Service & Expertise

Professional Service & Expertise

- Certified heat treatment specialists
- Guaranteed bed bug removal
- Service warranty & maintenance plans available
- Affordable treatment options

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IMPORTANT: Bed Bugs reproduce VERY quickly.

It is highly recommended to get professional help immediately if you are experiencing any of the below signs:

- Live bugs on or near your bed or other frequently used furniture

- Tiny blood stains or black spots on your sheets

- Itchy bite marks or small welts